The discipline of exercise physiology examines how the body responds to physical activity. The discipline believes that exercise is a form of medicine, and choosing the right kind of exercise will result in better health. The Subject mostly covers endocrine, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal systems, as well as topics regarding energy transfer, expenditure, and effects of physical activity on the body’s organs.

Exercise Physiology Careers have become one of the most in-demand careers today, and are sure to be great career prospects in the future. The demand is mostly driven by two factors, Firstly, our lives have been extended due to medical advancements, which means the elderly population will live longer. To stay in good shape as they age, they will need to engage in a special form of exercise under certified and trained professionals. Secondly, modern lifestyles have put tremendous stress on people. They do not have enough time to exercise, so they develop diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and other lifestyle-generated diseases that can easily be controlled by the right kind of exercise. Therefore as a career option, there will be huge opportunities not only for career growth but you will, be helping society to stay fit and healthy.

Exercise physiologists work in a variety of settings. These include educational institutions, recreation facilities, health centres, community organizations, and commercial or industrial health clubs. Additionally, they may be employed in clinical settings, developing and prescribing exercise strategies to patients that were referred by doctors with pulmonary, cardiac, or other ailments. Having a career in Exercise Physiology can be one of the most financially and personally rewarding experiences of your life. Besides having extensive employment opportunities and numerous specializations, you are also able to help other people become fitter and healthier through exercise.

If the description about Exercise Physiology interests you, If you are someone who is seeking to make a career in this field, in that case, you can enroll for an undergraduate/postgraduate course in exercise physiology provided by the following institutions.

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