Physical Education Foundation of India provides following types of Memberships to the interested Physical Education Professionals, Sports Coaches, Yoga, Fitness Experts and Sports Enthusiasts. PEFI members get access to exclusive events, workshops and consistent opportunities in Research and Development of Physical Education and Sports. You can opt from following types of membership best suited to you.

Active Member
Student Member
Volunteer Member
Institutional Member

Rules & Regulation of PEFI Membership

  • Any person who is interested to contribute in development of Physical Education and Sports may become a member of the Physical Education Foundation of India regardless of Age, Sex, Race and Religion.
  • The decision of the Committee will be final with regards to the membership.
  • The membership is valid for one year and the renewal should be done every year. (Only for
    yearly members)
  • A member shall pay subscription to the Foundation annually in advance, on the 1st of March
    every year (Only for yearly members)
  • If a member falls into arrears with his subscriptions or other dues, he shall be informed by the Treasurer immediately. If the arrears are not paid by the member within the next 14 days of their becoming due, his membership shall be automatically terminated. (Only for yearly members)
  • A member removed from the list of membership may be re­admitted by the Executive Committee if the subscription due is paid
  • It is compulsory for every member to register on PEFI’s website for membership.