Development of Physical activities and Sporting Culture in the Country
This was the earliest core idea behind the formation of PEFI. Through our youth engagement programs, social events and awareness programs we are constantly working towards promotion of physical activities and sports for all. The idea is to engage the maximum population towards an active culture of Health and Fitness in order to improve general health and fitness levels of the entire population.

To contribute in Policymaking and engaging with Government Bodies
PEFI engages with government bodies, policymakers and institutes of national importance on a regular basis in order to plan and implement a national action plan to create maximum awareness on importance of physical education in education system and to develop better sports infrastructure with world class sports facilities across the country in order to provide sporting opportunities for all the sections of society.

To work for Upliftment of Physical Education and Sports Professionals
PEFI is actively engaged in efforts to ensure a better working environment and incentives for physical education and sports professionals. We are committed to ensure that physical education gets its right place in the country's academic system and should be considered at par with other professions. PEFI also provides guidance and counselling to young aspirants seeking a career in physical education and related segments. We organize conferences, seminars, workshops, symposiums, upskilling programs etc on for physical education professionals on a regular basis which further promotes research and development in physical education and sports.

To Conduct Sporting Events and Identify Sporting Talent
PEFI has been constantly putting in efforts to encourage maximum participation in sports by organizing best in class sporting events and competitions across the country to increase youth engagement in sports and to create employment options through these events for sports officials, administrators and managers. PEFI identifies sporting talent through these events and tries to provide the best available platform for sports persons to excel in their respective sport.