PEFI conducts short term certificate training programmes for physical education teachers and sports professionals on a regular basis throughout the year. These short term programmes may be a combination of workshops, lectures, practical training etc, depending upon the respective subject area. PEFI conducts the following training programmes on a regular basis with the help of our team of experts and institutional partners.

Please note that all the courses have been postponed until further notice, due to the ongoing covid crisis. Watch this space for the schedule of upcoming training programmes. You can also follow us on social media to stay updated.

Sports Facility Management:
This is a certificate course that aims to educate physical education teachers and sports proffesionals with practical knowledge and operational know-how to set up and manage sports facilities that follow international quality standards in their institutes. The course also guides the participants to arrange for funds and sustainable business models for such facilities. This course will certainly open up new avenues for you and will be a valuable addition to your existing skill set. Know more.

Anti Doping Training Programme:
This is a short term course for Physical Education Teachers and Sports professional to educate them about the potential abuse of sports enhancing drugs by young athletes. You will be trained to counsel young athletes on menace of doping in competitive sports. As a physical education professional this course will be a great upskilling option and will add another dimension to your skillset. Know More.

Coaching Specialization Training Programme:
This is a short-term certificate training programme conducted by PEFI which aims to train physical education professionals in basic coaching of sports other than your specialization. This programme is organised from time to time for various sports and enables you to provide basic beginner coaching in respective sports to your students. This course adds to your skillset and coaching knowledge across sports. Know More.

Sports Fitness Training Programme:
This is a short-term certificate training programme organised by PEFI on a regular basis for various sports. Every sport required specialised training and fitness routine as per the demand of that particular sport, keeping this in consideration this course educated you in modern training techniques, fitness routines as per sport, specialised diet plans as per sport, injury management and rehabilitation. This training programme certainly adds value to your profile as a physical education professional and enables you to take up the added responsibility of a specialist fitness coach with professional teams as per sport. Know More.

Sports Laws Refresher Training Programme:
This is a certificate training course which is focused towards changes in laws, rules and regulations in any sport from time to time, it aims to educate physical education teachers and sports professionals on these changes and in order to keep themselves updated with new rules. Know more.