Sports are the central point of PEFI’s core foundational philosophy and belief. We strongly believe that participation in sports plays a vital role in a child’s overall development, therefore as education is a fundamental right of every citizen, likewise it is very important that we work towards developing the same status for sports. Kids tend to learn social skills such as leadership, competition, sharing, team work etc., by regular participation in sports.

PEFI has launched many tournaments and leagues across the country in games such as Football, Basketball, Cricket, Badminton, Athletics, Tennis etc. We are actively engaged in planning and execution of more such leagues and Tournaments in the near future, especially focused towards rural areas and underprivileged children who do not have access to such facilities with the motto “Sports For All”. PEFI organizes such events with the Following objectives;

  • To promote physical activities and Sporting Culture in the country.
  • To increase participation in Sports at grassroot level.
  • To create equal opportunities in competitive sports for kids from economically weaker sections.
  • To identify and groom sporting talent for excellence in global competitions.

These events also help to raise funds for PEFI’s other activities such as development and upgradation of sports facilities.

How you can participate:
If you or your team/institute/club wish to participate in one of the competitive sporting events organised by PEFI, watch this space and stay tuned with us on social media for more info on upcoming events.

How you can contribute:
PEFI welcomes all the individuals, institutions, corporates or clubs who are keen to contribute in development of sports. Send in your interests at [email protected]. Generally You can contribute as a Volunteer and as a Sponsor.

As a Volunteer:
PEFI welcomes all the individuals who wish to contribute as volunteers, PEFI provides volunteer opportunities especially to young people seeking a career in sports, physical education, sports management etc. You are provided with a certificate at the end of the event, which will certainly look great on your resume. For more info on upcoming volunteering opportunities follow us on social media to stay updated.

As a Sponsor:
PEFI welcomes corporates, businesses, organisations or individuals who are interested to contribute in development of sports. Other than helping the cause, you will be introducing your brand at the bottom of the pyramid also, fulfilling your CSR commitments, creating brand awareness and recognition within a new segment of population. Most importantly your contributions will help us to shape the future in a much better way.

To know more about the sponsorship opportunities please get in touch with us at [email protected] or follow us on social media for latest news and updates.


Under the aegis of Physical Education Foundation of India AT HAPPY DAYS SCHOOL KATHA MILL COLONY, SHIVPURI (M.P.) FROM 7 TO 9 APRIL 2023

For Participation in the Championship, PFA the invitation letter:

PEFI Football U14 Games – Invitation Letter