Physical Education Foundation of India is one of the country’s leading and respected organizations which consists of the country’s top educators, physical education experts and sports professionals working towards building a sustainable sports culture in the country. The organization has been constantly working towards upliftment of physical education and has been spreading awareness amongst policymakers, decision makers, institutions, parents and students about the importance of physical education and sports and its significance in building a better future for our youth. PEFI has proved to be a pioneer organization in this regard and has been able to form itself into a credible and highly committed National body of experts. The organization has done some instrumental work in developing and creating world class sports facilities pan India for institutes, academies, municipalities, blocks, villages etc., which in turn has presented an opportunity for the country’;s youth to choose sports as a profession without being worried about finding suitable facilities, and has also provided playing areas to kids who didn’t have access to sports facilities earlier due to financial or other reasons.

The PEFI enforces its commitment to improve the standard and status of Physical Education and Sports as a career, we believe in the core philosophy that educators related to physical education and sports play an important role in a kid’s development both mentally and physically. Although the situation and working conditions of physical education and sports teachers is not very ideal and sometimes they are even treated in a way as if they are not part of the academic system. This often demotivates youth to opt physical education as a career. We are working tirelessly towards rectifying concerned areas related to physical education and sports in our education system. It is one of our main objectives to achieve a situation where a career in physical education and sports is considered to be at par with other professions – such as Medicine, Engineering, Law, Management, etc. The PEFI is headquartered in New Delhi and has a significant presence in the country with its state chapters functioning across the country. Now PEFI has 23 state chapters. The organization has more than 35 thousand registered active members and the number is gradually increasing.

PEFI is a highly transparent organization which does not prioritize profits or optimum commercialization of our activities. PEFI functions with the help of its partners and raises funds through events and activities to make the organization sustainable & strong. All Financial records of the PEFI are audited by qualified and competent chartered accountants. PEFI has been recognized by Government of India and many other agencies for its commendable work in the field of Physical Education & Sports.