PEFI provides numerous CSR opportunities to our corporate partners to fulfil their CSR requirements in accordance with the companies act 2013. As per the two percent of profits needs to be spent on CSR activities.

Since its inception, PEFI has been coordinating and working on projects of utmost significance with its CSR partners. If you are looking to redirect your CSR funds towards development of Physical education and sports, then you are at the right place. PEFI is one of the most reputed organisations with presence across the country and working towards providing sports facilities at grassroot level, especially for kids from economically weaker sections with a motto, ‘Sports for All”. If you wish to spread smiles, If the cause of working towards better future of every kid, by helping in their mental and physical growth, through active participation in sports moves you, then we certainly have a CSR programme that will suit your requirements.

Our core strength is our team of experts which consists of the country's top educators, sports scientists, policymakers and sports professionals. Our team provides you with customized CSR programmes as per your CSR policies, interest area, geography, demography and other related factors. Once you brief our team on your requirements, you will be provided with a well-researched idea along with its execution plan and delivery as per your interest area.

We believe in transparency and hence we motivate members of the corporates who wish to partner with us for CSR activities to actively involve with us during the project as volunteers at every level. Most oftenly we follow the policy of One CSR partner for One Project to maintain credibility, transparency and ease of operation, all the financial aspects are regularly audited by qualified Chartered Accountants in accordance with the
CSR laws.

What are the Benefits:
Engaging in CSR Activities shows your commitment towards betterment of society. It has indeed been part of Indian culture and tradition since ages to contribute a part of profits towards creating better conditions for those who are underprivileged. It is certainly an ethical practice as well to do something for people who are also part of your business and financial ecosystem in one way or another. Giving and providing has its
own benefits such as;

  • It improves public image as an organisation and on personal level as well, engaging in CSR activities establishes a positive image and gives you the reputation of a responsible organisation and citizen of this country.
  • Enjoy tax benefits under CSR section of the companies act 2013.
  • It's a very impactful way to strengthen your bond with your clients and customers, as a part of your CSR campaign you reach to your underprivileged clients and potential customers and earn brand loyalty.
  • It helps to retain quality employees, when you engage your employees in CSR activities they feel a sense of greater purpose when provided with an opportunity to help people in communities around them. This makes them stay and continue being part of the same structure for longer durations.
  • Whatever is the purpose behind your engagement in CSR activities, you may be an organisation with an entire focus on profit maximization and your engagement in CSR is only to comply with law. Despite all of this, if you choose the right CSR partner, you will still contribute and make a significant impact in upliftment of the underprivileged.
  • Engaging in CSR activities gives you positive media coverage, Also in this day and age if you combine a focused social media campaign along with coverage from mainstream media you can amplify your brand recognition exponentially.
  • CSR activities provide you a great platform to test and review your products, services or a new business idea. Engaging in CSR activities provides you with valuable insights within the communities, you are able to identify vacant spaces that you may be able to fill in, hence CSR activities may help you to identify new
    business opprotunities.

Please write to us at [email protected], if you are interested in association with PEFI for your CSR requirements. You can also follow us on social media to stay tuned on upcoming CSR opportunities with PEFI.