An effective campaign against doping has been an integral part of PEFI’s core operational philosophy since its inception. PEFI has a strong portfolio of conducting approximately hundred anti-doping programmes, which may include workshops, seminars, awareness campaigns, conferences, Anti-Doping Courses etc, conducted every year across the country.

PEFI is officially empanelled as institutional education partner with NADA (National Anti Doping Agency) which also provides intellectual and structural support for our campaigns against use of performance enhancing drugs in sports by athletes. PEFI is committed to this cause at every level therefore every third day our team is involved in various activities under our anti-doping programme throughout the year.

PEFI aims to involve as many physical education teachers, coaches, officials, doping experts and sports persons as possible with its cause. Doping is a menace at domestic and international level and should be dealt with immediate attention, especially towards young athletes. The whole program has been strategically designed to protect sanctity
and fairness of participation in competitive sports, it also takes the health of athletes in consideration by educating them on following a healthy lifestyle, long term effects of performance enhancing drugs on their lives and careers and the process of overcoming drug abuse through proper treatment.

How We Do it:
Awareness and Education:
Every anti-doping campaign organised by PEFI has an element of education and awareness on doping and its effects focused towards athletes competing on domestic and international level or within the school and university circuit. Preventative methods are also used such as educating coaches, doctors, trainers and parents on the threats
and consequences of doping, as well as the legal and social aspects.

Research and Development:
PEFI encourages Scientific research on the subject, in past we have conducted numerous conferences, workshops and presentations on anti-doping. PEFI also encourages sports scientists and anti-doping experts to present their research papers on the subject which are then published in PEFI’s scientific journal. We also publish the list of Prohibited Substances and Methods from time to time and provide it to athletes, teachers, trainers, coaches and parents.

Coordination with The Compliance Authorities and Law Enforcement:
PEFI always contributes significantly in the cause of stopping the menace of drug abuse in sports. It is hence our responsibility to coordinate with compliance authorities and law enforcement personnels with any required information or helping with information gathering within our capacity.

Through Compliance Monitoring:
PEFI works in a close-knit environment with NADA for Anti-Doping cause and it oversees compliance, implementation and acceptance of codes and regulations given by NADA through its programmes. PEFI also contributes in policymaking, moderation of rules and regulations and implementation across institutes, sports bodies and associations whenever required.

How can you Contribute:

  • Follow us on social media, share our posts regarding anti-doping campaigns, help us reach more and people.
  • You can sponsor anti-doping events, workshops, conferences, seminars, awareness campaigns, research and development etc.
  • You can donate to PEFI and help us to fund anti-doping campaigns.
  • If you are a physical education and sports research scholar or scientist, you can send your research papers on the subject to get published in PEFI’s Journal.
  • You can contribute by becoming a volunteer and help us organising and executing the campaigns.
  • If you are an educator, you can become our member and can motivate your peers to contribute to the cause by joining PEFI.
  • You can also organize the Anti – Doping Awareness Programme for your Players, Coaches, Physical Education & Support Professionals in your School, College, Institute and Sports Academy.