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Active Membership

Physical Education Foundation of India provides the following type of Membership to the interested Physical Education Professionals, Sports Coaches, Yoga instructors, Fitness Experts and Sports Enthusiasts. There are two types of Active Membership.

  1. Life membership subscription Rs. 11,000/­-

  2. Yearly membership subscription Rs. 1,100/­-

Benefits of Active Membership

  • Get a Complimentary PEFI Membership ID card.

  • Opportunity to participate in PEFI Programs on subsidized rates.

  • Opportunity to participate in the Annual Meeting, great chance to voice your opinions and vision.

  • Opportunity to join other related partner Associations, get discount on registration fee.

  • Get your profile published in the members directory, get recognized for your work.

  • Voting & contest right for the selection of District/Sate/National Governing body every three years.

  • Receive Copies of the Journals of Physical Education & other print material published by PEFI.

  • Opportunity to become State/Distt. coordinator/Unit in charge.

  • Get your profile published on PEFI’s Website in Membership section.


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