It is a proven fact that Physical Education and Sports Sciences are integral parts of any progressive and forward-looking education system. This aspect of education is vital for youth development and a healthy society, hence a professional and structured approach is required for efficient delivery of physical education and sports sciences to students.

There are professional bodies in the country as per subject area which regulates teaching, curriculum, learning outcomes and quality of education such as AICTE, Nursing Council, Medical Council etc. In the case of Physical Education, there is no such dedicated professional body. Although time and again various organizations and governments have emphasized the importance of physical education and sports in school education. UNESCO in its general conference in Paris on 21 st Nov. 1978 adopted an International Charter on Physical Education and Sports. One of its most important declarations is that everyone should be free to develop and preserve his/her Physical, Intellectual and moral powers and should be guaranteed for all human beings, as a part of lifelong education in the overall education system.

There have been discussions going on in India on the very same topic for a long period of time. Many dedicated bodies were appointed by the Government of India from time to time. All these bodies have categorically and adequately stressed the importance of Physical Education and Sports in the education system. The matter was also tabled in Lok Sabha in 2002, The Parliament of India Committee accepted the recommendation of the CABE Committee report for establishing an All India Council for Physical Education as a statutory body. Although nothing concrete has unfolded in this regard and Physical Education Fraternity still awaits this very important reform that will be a significant step to improve standards and deliverability of Physical Education And Sports in the country.

The Physical Education Foundation of India has been advocating and has been putting in efforts on a continuous basis since its inception to form a centralized professional body such as National Council For Teacher Education (NCTE). Currently, it is the NCTE that regulates physical education and the structure of its delivery to students. Although it is worthy to note that Physical Education as a discipline is very different from other subject areas such as Physics, Chemistry, Maths, etc. Physical Education as a subject area covers a range of specialized topics such as sports, physical fitness, general health, wellness, sports administration, facility management, basic anatomy & physiology etc. Therefore it is very important that curriculum, teaching methodology, teacher’s training, learning outcomes, infrastructure development, and other aspects of Physical Education and Sports Sciences are regulated by a dedicated professional body headed by subject experts to ensure the best standard of Physical Education and Sports Sciences in the country.

PEFI along with its institutional partners, members and associates has time and again proposed the formation of (All India Council For Physical Education). The formation of AICPE also aligns with our organizational goals of raising standards of physical education and sports along with the development of sports infrastructure at the grassroots level in order to ensure equal opportunity for every kid in this country to participate or to make a career in competitive sports.

PEFI is continuously raising this issue with the concerned authorities and it is a matter of optimism that our proposal on the matter has been taken into consideration positively. Authorities have acknowledged the importance of the issue raised by PEFI and the urgency for its speedy implementation.

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