When the whole country was still recovering from the deadly second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was news from Tokyo for the whole country to rejoice. The Indian contingent had delivered its best-ever performance in Olympics along with a Gold Medal in track and field event too.  When one thinks rationally this may not be acknowledged as a great performance, In terms of per capita medal count, we are still way behind in comparison to many other countries which are no match to India with respect to the economy, geography and demography. But if we analyze our Olympics Journey then one can easily conclude that this is a big leap instead and this performance will potentially lay a foundation for India’s future Olympics glory.

This performance is also a result of focused sports policy by the government in the past decade. Potential medal winners across the games were identified and groomed to compete at the International level. The efforts by government and sports administrators have delivered results but there is a lot to be done to unleash the untapped sporting potential in the country. We need to ensure that sporting facilities are provided at the grassroots level across all economic, demographic & geographical segments of the country.

We have until now depended hugely on individual brilliance and commitment for the medals in the Olympics. It’s high time now when we need to bring the whole sports administration into a system that works continuously to produce world-class athletes. This is the best time to create such an ecosystem by utilizing the current momentum and turn it into future success in the Olympics. We need to have a much more robust system in place for identifying and grooming the right talent. There is certainly a need for reforms in sports administration bodies, associations and councils. There is a need for much more professionalism and accountability in order to ensure equal opportunities to players of every region and every economic background. The parameter for identifying potential medal winners should be purely based on the merit of talent above anything else.

This is where the Physical Education Foundation of India (PEFI) comes into the picture. PEFI is working towards developing sustainable sports culture in the country by ensuring the development of Physical Education Professionals at the grassroots level across the country. PEFI organizes competitive Sporting events at the State and National levels across the country through its state chapters and institutional partners. These games provide equal opportunities for sportspersons from rural and remote areas to showcase their talent on a national level.

PEFI also ensures that talent is identified and groomed in order to compete at the highest level. Our organizational objective for the coming decade is to work towards Olympics awareness, We will be directing our efforts towards engaging the maximum number of youth into Olympic games. We wish to create a large pool of talented sportspersons who could be potential medal winners in upcoming editions of the Olympic games.

We would also like to encourage everyone to support PEFI in this endeavor. You can become an active/ volunteer/ student/ institutional member. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, then you can become an official sponsor for any PEFI event. If you are willing to make any small contributions individually then you can simply log on to the link below and can donate in your personal capacity. https://pefindia.org/get-involved/support-pefi/

Your generous contributions will help us to ensure that every child in this country has access to sporting facilities in their locality. Your contributions will ensure that we have all the necessary resources to engage the best people in the country to realize our goals. Your support will ensure that a large pool of talented sportspersons is always ready to perform at the world stage for the country. Your support will ensure that India rises on the World Stage as a Sporting Superpower.

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