The G-20 is an international forum of the world’s 20 most influential economies, which includes the countries of the G-7, the European Union, and other nations from around the world. It is the forum of choice for global leaders to discuss key issues regarding the global economy and international finance. The G-20 Summit is held annually and focuses on topics such as international trade, global economic growth, and financial stability.

India’s Presidency of the G-20 Summit in 2022 is not only a significant moment for India, but also for the world. India’s G-20 Presidency will be the first for a developing country and offers a unique opportunity for India to showcase its leadership role on the global stage. This moment is not only about politics, leadership or display of supremacy at the global stage, but every significant sector is going to benefit, depending upon how we capitalize on this opportunity. Certainly there is a unique opportunity for the sports and physical education sector as well, especially in terms of presenting our potential to the world in this area.

India’s G-20 Presidency will bring with it a number of opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, it will provide India with the opportunity to shape the global response to key economic and financial issues. India has already shown its commitment to tackling the issues of poverty, inequality and climate change, and its G-20 Presidency will be a chance to cement these commitments and demonstrate India’s leadership on the global stage. When it comes to sports and physical education we have an opportunity to put forth our interest in organizing international sporting events of global significance. This will not only create a wide spectrum of opportunities for the sports persons but this will benefit every stakeholder.

The leadership of Physical Education, Sports Science and allied subjects should also take this opportunity to connect with their global counterparts in the sidelines of G-20 and conduct concurrent events such as conferences, seminars, webinars etc in order to register the international presence of our teachers, students, research scholars and many others. This is an opportunity when India’s educational institutions, especially sports and physical education universities must try to widen their horizon through collaborating with universities and affiliating bodies of global repute.

India’s G-20 Presidency is an important milestone in India’s emergence as a global leader. It will be an opportunity for India to showcase its commitment to global economic and financial stability, while at the same time ensuring that its domestic economic agenda remains on track. By taking on this role, India will demonstrate its commitment to global leadership and its ability to play a key role in the international community. Countries have often exerted leadership by dominating in the sports arena as well. It is the right time for the physical education community in India to start stepping towards a global leadership role in the segment. This can only happen when we have our efforts streamlined towards empowering the segment with more funds, responsibility and credibility in the overall education system. Sports can boost the domestic economy through sports manufacturing, sports related services and sports tourism etc, but for all that to happen our physical education leadership will have to strengthen itself to take the leadership role, without robust physical education and sports sciences education model at the grassroots level throughout the country we cannot create an inviting for making  India a world leader in sports. Physical education in schools and consequently in higher education is the basis of everything great related to sports at the higher level.

Therefore Physical Education community needs to capitalize on India’s growing significance on world stage for the betterment of the fraternity, India’s G-20 presidency is the golden opportunity to for associations and collaborations with best of the associations, institutions and affiliating bodies and to create a world class ecosystem in India for sports, physical education, sports sciences and allied segments.  Physical Education Foundation of India, along with 20 other significant organizations in the country have been appointed as strategic partners for Youth 20 events on the sidelines of G-20 events with the mission to create new opportunities for our people and communities.

Yogesh Sharma
Marketing & CSR Specialist
Physical Education Foundation of India

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