Physical Education Foundation of India (PEFI) is today India’s one of very few organizations that are acknowledged as a National Sports Promotion Organization by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India. As we are about to celebrate our 15th Foundation day, it is a matter of pride that from being an idea in 2008, we will be celebrating our foundation day as an organization of National importance. The occasion is certainly overwhelming for all those who have been part of this incredible journey.

Physical Education Foundation of India was founded with a vision of creating multiple platforms of opportunity creation in physical education and sports for professionals and students. Our vision defined PEFI as an enabler of the development of sustainable sports culture in the country through the upliftment of the physical education segment in the education system. We have always strived to contribute towards the goal of making India a credible global sports power through our activities. We are very pleased to look back today as we realized that our organizational objectives driven by our vision have enabled us to achieve what we aspired for. The role of founding members of PEFI which include some of India’s senior-most physical educators has been phenomenal in this journey and in all our achievements.

Since its inception PEFI’’s primary mission has been to ensure participation for all in sports in order to make India a credible “sports superpower”. We are working with a mission to ensure that every citizen of the country has access to sports infrastructure and the opportunity to engage in competitive or recreational sports. We have also been continuously putting up our demands with policymakers to make participation in sports a fundamental right. To achieve this mission Pefi curated national-scale events like the PEFI national games, which have become events of utmost credibility and genuine platforms for talent identification. PEFI has been instrumental in creating a multitude of opportunities for our youth across the spectrum of sports.

The upliftment of the Physical Education fraternity and the development of sustainable sports culture in the country has been the foundational goals that drive us towards our mission. Our organizational objectives make us a very dynamic organization that works in various verticals related to sports and physical education. In order to ensure that the Physical education segment is reformed and brought at par with the best in the world through structural and institutional changes. We created and executed the National Conference on Physical Education and Sports Science which is organized every year. The conference is attended by various national and international experts and has become a go-to platform for academicians, scholars and researchers related to physical education and sports sciences.

PEFI also publishes the International Journal of Physical Education Health & Sports Science (IJPEHSS) which is a bi-annual peer-reviewed journal, which publishes articles in the different fields of sports and physical activities including sports medicine, exercise physiology, sports physiology and performance, value education through sports, inclusive education, inclusive school physical education and physical activity, nutrition and adapted physical activities.

It is not only about qualitative achievements but PEFI has been contributing effectively to improving the sports-based economy, along with our corporate partners we have been part of Sports India Expo as a co-organizer and Sports India Expo has become India’s leading trade fair for sports equipment manufacturers, traders, sports-related services provider and allied industries and significantly contributes to the growth of sports industries. Along with this, we have been organizing youth camps, Olympics awareness events and many other activities in collaboration with our institutional partners.

PEFI is India’s largest organization and network of physical education and sports professionals, we have over 20 active state chapters and their respective district chapters with over 50,000 active members working across the country for the welfare of physical education and sports professionals including PEFI’s other organizational objectives as well. It is the hard work, dedication and passion of these members, volunteers, patrons and institutional partners, that PEFI has become an organization of such huge significance for the country. It is on this historic occasion we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to all those who have been associated with us directly and indirectly with us in our fourteen-year journey.

It has not been smooth sailing though, to execute events like we do, in order to keep an organization of such scale afloat for over one and half decades, has not been easy. There have been times when we have struggled with finances, operational issues and whatnot, but every time our focus and commitment for physical education and sports helped us to pull ourselves out of every challenging situation. On this journey, we have been fortunate enough to receive both financial and intellectual support from our patrons, institutional partners, policymakers and government bodies. We have been well supported by our active members on this journey and with this support, we are hopeful together we all will achieve larger things for the welfare of the country and societies around us.

In the last few years, PEFI has signed up MOUs with some national and international associations and institutes of global reputation. The Names are LNIPE Gwalior, Kurukshetra University etc.

What is Our Vision for the Next Decade? 

Certainly, we want to become an organization of global repute, this can only happen when we have achieved our national objectives, PEFI will continue its journey in the coming decade as well with even more dedication and effort. We want to become the largest organization of Physical Education and Sports Professionals in the world. We have the largest young workforce in the world, certainly, we have the potential, we can achieve this if we do enough for the upliftment for physical education and sports. We need to encourage more and more young students to take up physical education and sports. People trained in India will be available to offer their services for the world. We can truly become a world leader in Physical Education and sports science education, if we can also infuse knowledge of our traditional sports and physical sciences with physical education. India can offer world-class physical education, sports science and related courses. We have the infrastructure, but we will need qualified teachers as well. Therefore, in the next decade, our objectives will be directed toward contributing significantly in the transformation of the country’s education system, especially in terms of learning outcomes and course delivery. We want to contribute significantly to the country’s sports transformation and our dream of becoming a global sports power. We want to play our part in boosting India’s sports-based economy and sports tourism. We want to create more opportunities for our youth in competitive sports by creating multiple platforms of global repute. We want to play a significant part in the country’s journey as a developed nation and the dream where every child has the opportunity to enjoy sports.

We appeal to all our members to be ready for the challenges of the next decade. In these fourteen years, we have together built a very strong foundation. It is time that we start rising on this foundation. Let’s create something incredible together. We also call upon all the physical education and sports professionals and those who want to contribute to the development of sports in the country, Join us. PEFI welcomes any individuals, organizations, institutions or corporations to become our members or associate with us as partners for the realization of the objectives discussed above.

PEFI extends its best wishes to all its members, volunteers and associates on our Fifteenth foundation day.

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