Guidelines to open chapters

Anyone who is interested to work for the development of Physical Education and Sports in concerned State/City/Distt. can take lead to open a PEFI Chapter in the State/City/Distt. To open the Chapter in the State at least 11 Active Member (By paying Fees) of the PEFI can send the request to the Secretary, Physical Education Foundation of India for affiliation. Once the Board Members approved the State Chapter, PEFI will authorize the Chapter to work in the State.

These Eleven Members will be the Founder Members and within 6 month the election done for the following post of Office bearers.

  • President
  • Vice President (3 No.)
  • Secretary
  • Joint Secretary (2 No.)
  • Treasurer
  • Programme Director (3 No.)
  • State Representative
  • Coordinator (Appointed by PEFI)






All the office bearers would be elected amongst the active members of the PEFI State Chapter. The term of the office bearers for the state chapter would be three years. Person shall be eligible for re-election only for three successive terms.

Once State Chapter is affiliated from the National Body of PEFI, PEFI State Chapter will open PEFI Chapter Account in any nationalized bank and will be operated jointly by the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the respective chapter (Any two). State chapter will be reimbursed 40% of the membership fee collection of that particular chapter from the PEFI in order to carry out its activity.