Dear PEFI Members & Physical Education Professionals, Greetings from PEFI,

I hope you all are in good health and spirits. As you all are aware, the Tokyo Olympics started yesterday after a grand opening ceremony. It was a proud moment to see 127 Members strong Indian contingent marching down the arena that is hosting the greatest sporting event on our planet.

As an organization committed to sports and physical education. Hence it becomes our responsibility to build on this Olympics momentum to expedite our journey towards our organizational goals. Our athletes have trained rigorously for years to compete at this stage, along with them hundreds of coaching staff, officials, managers etc have given in their sweat and blood for this day.  LET’S CHEER FOR THEM. LET’S SALUTE THEIR COMMITMENT, SACRIFICES, HARD WORK AND PERSEVERANCE.

I would like to request all the PEFI members & Physical Education Professionals to support Indian Contingent by any of the following methods.

1)                  Write motivational quotes for team India on social media, Tag #PEFI for better reach and awareness.

2)                  Conduct Olympics awareness seminars, lectures, workshops etc in your institutions, share activities on social media, also tag #PEFI for better reach and awareness.

3)                  Organize webinars or conferences on Olympics in India, or other such events like panel discussions etc for Olympic awareness.

4)                  Arrange for the live telecast of Olympic games in schools, colleges etc.

5)                  You can also celebrate Olympic week at your institutions to spread Olympic awareness.

6)                  Use #Cheer4india for all your social media updates.

If you have any suggestions for PEFI, we will be happy to receive your suggestions and the national committee would definitely explore possibilities for its implementation. I hope you all will cheer for India wholeheartedly, and would actively plan and organize activities to spread Olympics awareness. I will be looking forward to hearing from you all.

Thanks & Regards

Download Letter:- Cheer for India Campaign

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