Leadership and Adventure Camp For Youth

PEFI organizes Leadership and Adventure Camps For Youth between the age group 16 – 50. The program is generally 4-10 days, which can be customized depending upon age, size and requirements of the group from the program. These programs are intricately designed by the country’s top educators in order to provide participants with a once-in-a-lifetime experience of Adventure, Learning and Fun. The program aims to engage its participants in specifically curated activities which lead to all-round development of its participants. .


Camp Date: 18 – 21 December 2021

Last Date of Registration: 08 December 2021

Duration: 4 Days, 3 Night

Click here for Detail Brochure: Manali Adventure Camp Brochure

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Goals of Program

1. To develop important life skills in participants such as Leadership, Self Confidence, Team Work, Survival in Tough Conditions, Effective Communication, Problem Solving and Trust etc.
2. To provide mentors who can guide participants towards a focused approach, ethical belief system and clarity of thinking while dealing with challenges in life.
3. To engage participants in activities which develop competitiveness, social & behavioural skills.
4. To promote healthy lifestyle, sports participation, discipline and sense of purpose among the youth.
5. To engage participants in activities which gives them a sense of responsibility and usefulness.
6. To introduce participants with issues like climate change, renewable energy, water conservation, sustainable living, Coexistence with Nature.

Why Participate ?

1. This program provides experiences that can never be achieved in closed environments.
2. Strengthen bonding with your friends or you may make new friends.
3. You will be introduced to lots of new things, which will give you a new perspective towards life.
4. For the thrill of adventure activities.
5. Stay close to Nature, The programs are held in spots where beauty nature is in abundance.
6. Although this is a focused program which aims to achieve fixed learning outcomes. But, we assure you that you will also have a lifetime of fun.

To organise Leadership and Adventure programs for your students please write to us at [email protected]