A fast-growing healthcare field, Sports Medicine focuses on developing treatments for athletic injuries. Sports medicine healthcare professionals help athletes and other physically active patients improve movement and performance, and they work to prevent illness and injury through injury prevention. People who are interested in both healthcare and sports might find careers in sports medicine highly rewarding. Sports medicine career paths include physical therapy, athletic training, and exercise physiology.

A degree in sports medicine can allow graduates to pursue careers in the healthcare or sports fields. Physical therapists and exercise physiologists are able to treat physically active patients of all ages and levels of expertise. A career as an athletic trainer or team physician may be right for you if you are passionate about working with athletes. Sports medicine is a broad field that offers career opportunities in healthcare and sports. Students with an undergraduate degree can find career opportunities as athletic trainers and exercise physiologists in hospitals and professional sports teams.

Additionally, graduates with master’s degrees can work as occupational therapists or kinesiotherapists in clinical settings. Students can also pursue a doctorate in physical therapy and become licensed as physical therapists.

We are sharing a list of leading institutes that are offering undergraduate/postgraduate level courses in Sports Medicine. Please go through the list in order to choose the institution that suits your ambitions.

List of Institute that is offering the Graduate Post Graduate Courses in Sports Medicine:

Click Here: Sports Medicine

Prepared by:

Mr. Abhijay Gupta 

3rd Year Student of ASSRM

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