A Successful career in sports goes beyond playing or coaching; for example, each major professional league team has a team of business professionals supporting their players. The field of sports management is growing exponentially therefore a degree in sports management can lead to a wide range of career options in an industry worth billions of dollars.

Sports managers are responsible for the business end of the sports, Sports management encompasses everything from local sports leagues to professional sports leagues. Students who pursue a sports management degree may work in any area that interests them in the sports industry, from business operations to event planning, the possibilities are endless.

Business interests can be combined to work in any focus area you choose. There are, for instance, account managers, sales representatives, marketing and communications representatives, and event planners on staff to support a professional league team. Due to the launch of various sports leagues around the world, a career in sports management is in high demand. In fact, according to the recent studies on employment in sports, it is estimated that there will be a greater demand with each passing year for professionals with sports management degrees. According to a report from FICCI, India alone will require approximately 4 million sports management professionals by 2022. A sports management degree will open up the following verticals of sports for you as a professional.


Operations and Logistics

Sales and Marketing

Media,Public Relations & Communications

Sports Analytics

Sports Entrepreneurship

Sports Governance, Player management/ Sports Agent

Sports Goods & Merchandising

Here is the list of institutions providing undergraduate/postgraduate courses in sports administration. If this subject area interests you and if you are seeking a career that combines sports and business, then getting yourself enrolled in a sports management degree will be a step in the right direction. Check the list of leading institutions offering courses in sports administration.

Click here List of Institutes Offering Graduate Post Graduate Courses in Sports Management:

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Prepared by:

Mr. Abhijay Gupta – 3rd Year Student – ASSRM Delhi

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