Sports Biomechanics is growing as a subject area,  an important component of sports biomechanics is the study of movement in sport (professional and amateur). Researchers, developers, and implementers of this field are engaged in the development of products and services in order to help athletes improve their performance or heal from injuries. Sports biomechanics further involves the study of different allied subject areas such as Kinesiology, Statics, Dynamics, Temporal Analysis, Kinematics and Kinetics.

With the advent of new professional sports leagues around the world, professionals in this field are playing a major role in preparing teams for optimum performance at the highest level. Sports biomechanists provide athletes with valuable advice on how to improve their skills and performance, and they can also provide them with individualized exercise programs to lower injury rates. In addition to competition and training, the biomechanical analysis also plays a part in injury diagnosis.

With time the field of biomechanics have evolved drastically and offers ample opportunities in research, academics, and professional sport. The dynamic nature of this subject area which combines study of sports, exercise, nutrition, injury management etc makes it one of the most interesting and satisfying career options for the young students. Those who are interested in this subject may look into the list of institutes below. Below mentioned are the institutes which are offering post-graduate courses and sports biomechanics.

Click here: Sports Biomechanics Institute

Prepared by:

Mr. Abhijay Gupta

3rd Year Student – ASSRM, Delhi

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