It is a great pleasure to announce that Sri Sri University is organizing the 43rd Annual Conference of the Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists (IABMS), from 18th to 21st December 2022. The theme of the conference is “An Integrative approach towards health protection and health promotion”. The event also includes a pre-conference workshop on various advanced health research. On behalf of the organizing committee, we extend a warm and cordial invitation to all the members of the association and others interested in the theme of the conference, for active participation. The prime goal of this international conference is to provide a common platform for students, research scholars, academicians and industry professionals to share and discuss the recent advances in the field of biomedical and health science. We are confident that this conference will be a road map to initiate partnerships across different disciplines, institutions and countries in order to spearhead cutting-edge research in biomedical sciences aimed at significant breakthroughs in the field of diagnostics and therapeutics. The conference is particularly relevant for scientists and clinicians, postgraduate students, doctoral students and postdocs, biotech and pharma industry professionals, allied health professionals, public health professionals and policymakers, professionals from regulatory agencies, and professionals from the fields of dental, pharmacy, nursing and physiotherapy

Conference Brochure: IABMS 2022 BROCH (2)

Registration Link:

Prof. ( Dr.) Tirthankar Ghosh
Organizing Secretary, IABMS 22

Head, Faculty of Health and Wellness

Contact No: +91 6393 657 942

IABMS 2022

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