What Physical Education Professionals do?

As a physical education and sports professional your role can be multi-facet and dynamic. Generally physical education involves teaching of performance in competition and understanding of basic health & fitness. As a physical education professional you are expected to develop understanding of motor skills, participation in games and physical activities, sports culture, behavioural – social skills to compete in sports and basic understanding of human anatomy in your students.

What are Possible Career Paths?

Other than taking up teaching in school or college physical education and sports,
professionals can take up a wide range of roles, some of them listed below.

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How we help you to achieve your career goals.

PEFI provides a platform for those who wish to make a successful career in physical education and sports. The best time to seek our guidance is when you are in the senior secondary phase of your education. We will guide you to secure your place in the best institutions of the country.

Other than building your career as a physical education teacher if your goal is to excel as a sports person or if you are seeking ways to make a career in sports coaching, officiating, sports management etc, we have the right mentors for you who will guide you through, to achieve your career goals.

You can participate in certified training programs, conferences, events, courses etc. organised by PEFI on a regular basis pan India. These will help you to build the right network and will provide you with the solid foundation to help leap in your career progression as a physical education and sports professional.

Contact us if you wish to attend our training programs, we will get back to you with all the details of the training programs, certificate courses, volunteering opportunities and events best suited for you.