The main Aims and Objective of PEFI:-


  • To make Physical Education as a compulsory subject at primary level in the schools, colleges & universities.
  • Physical Education should be included as a subject in U.P.S.C. Exam.
  • To bring Healthy Environment, Create Fit & Healthy Culture.
  • To improve broad mass base for different Health, Fitness & Sports activities.
  • To work for the formation of All India Council for Physical Education .
  • To match the standard of Physical Education with the American & European countries.
  • To eradicates the corruption from Physical Education & Sports.
  • To work for the right of Physical Education Teachers & update their knowledge by conducting various conferences on the latest research finding in the field of Physical Education & Sport and to creates more job opportunities the field of Physical Education & Sports.

PEFI Initiative :-

  • To bring mass Awareness and goodwill for public
  • To give encouragement to the Competitive athletes and create awareness, give more exposure/recognition to the competitors through events.
  • To get better involvement of the Corporate World to make this Project meaningful and to bring all stakeholders at one platform.
  • To make the public aware of the physical education and sports benefits by organizing symposium, seminars and sports run.
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