NATIONAL SEMINAR on the Need for Physical Education in Improving the Performance of Indian Sportsperson in Olympics & other National / International Tournaments

A nation’s sports achievements are inexorably linked to its system of physical education, especially at the school level. Physical education provides a broad platform for the optimal development of fundamental motor skills which is the foundation of all sports activities. At the school level, along with the development of motor skills, coordination, speed and fitness, Physical education also facilitates the formation of the qualities of sportsmanship, self-efficacy, emotional intelligence and facilitates healthy and active living. At the same time, it is at this stage i.e. the school and grassroots level that the Sportspersons’ mind and body can be trained to become potential champions and medal winners at various competitions. Thus, it is felt that an extended discussion is essential to further the development of performance readiness and performance ability among the youth of the nation.

The two day seminar is an effort of PGDAV College to focus on this issue.

The seminar will cover developments and insights in the following areas:

 Motor Development and Coordinative Abilities – A pre-requisite for Sports

 Need for Sports and Exercise Sciences at Grass-root level.

 Development of General Fitness Abilities

 Development of Specific Fitness Abilities  Status of Physical Education in India

 Role of Yoga in promoting sports

 Government and Physical Education & Sports: Policies and Challenges

 Women and Physical Education & Sports

For More Information:

Dr P.P. Ranganathan Associate Professor. or 


Nov 7, 2017 09:00 - Nov 8, 2017 17:00

P.G.D.A.V. COLLEGE (University of Delhi) Nehru Nagar, New Delhi-65

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