Physical Education Needs to be Strengthen

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Physical Education Needs to be Strengthen
At every level of the country we are talking about khelo India. Kheloge to banoge lajawab! Yes, certainly that is true. India need to be a Sporting country. Sporting Revolution all across the country needs to be driven by a very passionate leadership and very committed workforce. That is why in recent years initiative taken by Central Government and various State Governments for promotion of Sports are very commendable.
Every sports association urges to develop grassroot and to create international level players. We are dreaming of winning medals at Asiad, Commonwealth and even Olympic level. That is also a welcome sign as we are no more just a participating country at the international sports Arena. But, we are striving hard for the gold. Go for the gold attitude is there in our sportsmen and women and we will be a major Sporting power on the Global Sports Arena.
In all these sports talk where is physical education? Are we giving proper attention to our physical education? Is there a proper system to develop our physical education? Well, the answer is no and we are not catering to the need of building up a strong and a robust physical education development. Sports development will be meaninglessness unless and until we develop our strong physical education system.
That is where Physical Education Foundation of India (PEFI) is striving hard and making loud efforts nationwide. It is an organisation formed in 2008 and now spread over 22 states of India with around 20,000 active volunteers working hard to increase the reach of physical education of India to the length and breadth of the country.
Our ultimate aim to establish more than hundred physical educators per district and to do talent identification of all the kids in the district and to provide skillful talent for the sports sector and sports related industry in the country through these efforts.
But we have put up very basic and very important factors which will develop a strong sports ecosystem in India and they are as follows - 
1 - To increase the ratio of Physical Educaterz for child - 
We talked about development of sports in India but as I said physical education system development is very crucial to develop Sporting infrastructure and skill based in India. Who will develop this physical education base?  Of course the physical educaterr, the teachers in the school who work day in and day out to create sports infrastructure and to develop sports abilities in the kids. But what is the ratio of physical educaters?  Per single child I am afraid it is one physical educator for 3000 kids. This is very very low compared to the developed European Nation or even China for instance. They have very great ratio of physical educaters per child. They have given emphasis on physical education in a big way to create a very fit and healthy future generation. We are striving ahead of knowledge based economy, but at the end with the health and physical fitness factor we are not up to the mark with the development and countries like China. For that we need to increase physical educator's per child ratio in a very big way
2 - Strengthen the roots of knowledge base of our Physical Educaters - 
Like with all other sectors it is very important to have a very up to date and advance knowledge base for our physical educators. Physical Education Foundation of India is doing great deal of work on this front working with teachers increasing their knowledge base and increasing there skill working in the schools. Physical educator is one unique person who judge the student in and out. He or she knows a student in a 360 degree way, where in he can judge the students' capacity not only on the field of sports but overall personal development. That is why increasing physical educaters' knowledge and experience based is very important.
3 - Need Governing body for Physical Education Sector - 
All other sectors in India have their governing bodies. For example Medical Council of India, All India Council for Technical Education, University Grants Commission and National Council for teacher education. These bodies govern their respective field or profession. But unfortunately there is no such single body which can govern or regulate physical education sector in India. physical education sector is a huge sector in Indian education and sports ecosystem. There is a need of apex Council or agency which will govern this sector. Which will create rules and regulations and authorised curriculum and do's and don'ts for this sector. But at the moment in absence of such governing body, physical education sector is in a chaotic position that is why we are not able to develop a strong nationwide physical education system. Ultimately or sports Revolution is getting hampered because of absence of strong physical education sector.
4 - Where Physical Education belong? Education or Sports?
First of all we need to take some very crucial policy decision as far as physical education sector in India is concerned. The first and foremost question is where physical education belong? With the education department or with the sports department? At the present it is being tossed up between education and sports department and ultimately physical education sector is on the losing side because of this and decisiveness of its very own existence. 
5 - Grassroots development
Physical educator is the person who actually works at The Grassroot level. That is why if we wish to develop sports from very basic and grassroots level physical educator is the most important and qualified link to work with. But at present we have various curriculums by doing which one can become physical educator. There is also a lot of confusion over which is the query qualifying curriculum for physical educaters. We have Bped, Mped and also sports Authority of India courses. There are various private certificate courses by doing which one can work as a physical educator. But we need to streamline all these academic qualifications so that we can have a proper grassroots mechanism at place in our country.
Dear friends 
Physical Education Foundation of India is working very hard to find solutions on all these issues. We are also being greatly cooperated by the centre as well as various State Governments. Through this National Conference, we would like to table all these issues related to the physical education sector in the country. We sincerely appeal each one of you to work out the ways to find solutions on all these issues. It will not only be beneficial for the physical education sector but as I mentioned earlier for the overall development of our sports sector and creating Nationwide sports ecosystem, these solutions will be important. These are very crucial issues and I am quite optimistic that this conference and efforts of Physical Education Foundation of India and all of you will be very effective. Response given by various authorities are encouraging and soon there will be proper system to guide or physical physical sector forward.
Dr. Piyush Jain
Physical Education Foundation of India
This article is Published in VIVA Football - Vol-II, Issue-9, February 2018