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Abstract: In today’s world physical education is essential. Man can live healthy and better life only by doing physical exercise. Today new and new diseases are emerging and have made big harm to man’s body.  Man’s life has become dependent on medicines.  For example digest medicine, medicine for excretion, medicine for sleep, etc. Because of these medicines man has become like a walking robot. In such condition is it fair to waste this body like this? How sad it is that man has time to do the service of technical gadgets like car, freeze, television but he does not have time to take care of his valuable body. Through physical education man can live his day to day life healthily. Physical education plays important role in man’s development and proves helpful for better physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual life. Here the author wants to introduce the importance of physical education in our modern life. 


We know that healthy mind lies in healthy body. Now a day’s video games and computer games have taken the place of our traditional games. Man does not have time to play indoor or outdoor games in the modern age of technology. Sport is important for man’s all round development and for living healthy life. Today very fast changes are seen in the field of physical education. First of all man gets physical education and then gets social education Thus man’s social education has the basis of physical education. Today it has become technological education. Thus very deep change is seen in education. The education has become so much dependent on technology that man does not spare enough time to take care of his or her body which is a very valuable gift of nature to man. Man has stopped physical exercises because of technological tools and other facilities. Previously man used to remain healthy by playing various outdoor games and thereby doing physical exercise. Now the games are played on computer so the life has become idle. The body has become the storehouse of various diseases. Physical education makes the immunity of our body stronger and so makes body more beautiful.  

 Importance of Physical Education  

 Helpful for Natural Development   Man’s body develops very naturally from the prenatal stage to the old age. When this natural development is accompanied with some physical exercises it improves the energy level of the body. Considering this fact even special body exercises are suggested for the pregnant women. In the same way there are different types of exercises for different age stages like infant, adolescent, young, adult and old age. This exercise becomes like a supplement to natural development in scientific way. The balanced emotional development is possible only with good body health and development. It can be considered as a fundamental use of physical education.  

Body Charm Beautiful body is considered as the first step towards success in life. Therefore people do so many efforts for well figured body. The beauty of the body depends on healthy muscles. Body can be well shaped through physical exercise just as an expert sculpture brings out a beautiful idol by carving an ordinary stone structure. The secret of charming body lies in the muscles of the body.  From the very ancient time sculptures have been giving the importance and value to the beauty of the body. Keeping that image of beautiful and handsome body in our mind, we can also mould our body by giving enough exercise to the muscles. Thus we can get proper advantage of physical education. 

Strong and Healthy Body We can make our body stronger and healthier through physical education. The significance of strong body lies in the happiness that we get after doing some hard physical or mental work. In other word for a strong person hard work does not remain a matter of tiredness. The reason of physical weakness found in the society is that physically man is not strong and healthy. Man feels weakness and tiredness even after small physical work. Its psychological effect takes place that man does not stand for any physical work. Therefore on the large scale the society has to suffer as a lack of work efficiency and willingness for that. But the truth is that the peace and happiness of fresh life is possible only through hard work. It is physical work and effort through which we can fulfill our all the basic needs. Strong body is always healthy. Strong and healthy body can protect itself from various diseases because its immunity also remains strong. Healthy man can suffer hardness of all the seasons whether it is hot or cold or rainy season. In short, he can enjoy the pleasure of all things in nature. 

Boosts the Self Confidence There is no doubt about the advantages of physical education for strong and healthy body. Therefore the saying is also heard that healthy mind resides in healthy body. A healthy body is the gateway for reaching the Supreme soul. Strong and healthy body can give boost strength and increases the self confidence. And for the man who is full of self confidence even the problems become a game playing. He can pass his life with full happiness and peace of mind. It will become a service to humanity, if this psychological secret of advantage of physical education is spread and attract the people towards it 

Development of Discipline Physical education develops not only self discipline but also supports to maintain external discipline on man. Discipline is as important as the food for life. People with uncontrolled behaviour deny any kind of restriction and control. But they don’t know that the real freedom lies in restriction. The pain of restriction itself becomes the pleasure of freedom. Physical education is a never failing key to bring discipline. Self discipline comes in man while concentrating on and following different rules of the games. This self discipline comes into action through different activities and arts and thereby creates interest in life. Well organized life style leads man towards living happy and peaceful life.  

Character Building in Life The presence of the three qualities- energy, character and beauty in life is very important for being a complete man in Indian culture. Energy and beauty are the direct advantage of physical education but indirectly it builds character too. Character can be developed well by physical education. The process of character building through physical education is so gradual that it can not be seen directly but can be felt. All the weaknesses from man’s life fall down like the dry leaves from the tree. The ideal form the culture and the civilization of any nation and society is developed through good character.  All the vices like violence, wars, jealousy, unhealthy competitions, hatred, etc. give way to the character. 

Constructive Use of Time It is man’s natural desire that he or she wants relaxation from work. In the state of relaxation man neither works too much nor takes complete rest but he combines both the work and the rest. In combining the rest and the work, most of the people waste time in gossiping, playing card games, and other useless activities. Physical education provides new option in place of such useless activities. And this option is always healthy.  Today there are entertaining games and skills available for playing. The saying “One way for Two” comes to true when man gets both the physical advantage and the entertainment through physical education. In this way physical education becomes the best means of entertaining activity or time pass during the spare time. 

Helpful for Awareness in Society Physical education is helpful for creating intimacy with society. In physical education team spirit is very important. Team is like a family. It is a miniature form of society. Team is the centre where the person gets opportunity to know the importance of co operation with other people. According to the saying “With One Hand No Clap”, the person can not get complete advantage of physical education on his own. This limitation motivates man to co operate with others. Thus man develops faith in the feelings of communality and oneness with others. This faith becomes a part of man’s character and connects man with his or her family, society, nation, and the world. Physical education prepares an ideal citizen unknowingly and unintentionally. And such ideal citizen breathes in the air of freedom in the society being free from limited narrow mindedness. He creates happiness not only for himself but also for the society. Thus people devoted to the society, nation and the world can be prepared through physical education.


                                                                                                                      By-Mohd. Muzaffar Alam

                                                                                                                       Physical Education Teacher