Adventure Sports in Rural Revitalization

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Adventure Sports in Rural Revitalization



Nachchan Kudan Man Ka Chao, as said by the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak dev Ji, it is true eternally man has invented games primarily as a means to meet society with other to display skills and physical power and to entertain or offer excitement. Most of the games involve some form of running throwing, jumping, acrobatics all of which developed from basic hunting skills.

History of rural traditional sports

India has always been rich in culture and tradition and games have been important part of Indian culture since time immemorial. Be it lord Shiva and his consort Parvati playing ‘Pachisi’ the Pandavas loosing Draupadi over a game or dice or Mughals enjoying an afternoon of chess games and sports have always played an important role in the history and mythology of India.

In villages which formed the first habitation of civilized min, rural games grew out of sheer necessity. The need for cultivating individual strength for Labor on the fields, the inter – dependence within the community and need of defense, joint defense against onslaughts of a common for and dangerous animal must have given birth to sports like whistling , running , jumping, weight, lifting and such performing art  as of measuring strength by holding wrists, twisting hands. Through history every culture has invented and played sports, sometimes the sports are a part of religious celebrations of rituals or they may be a way to pass the time and have some fun. Industrialization has stressed the importance of competitive and achievement elements in games and sports.

Rural Olympics at Kila Raipur

To the Punjabi go to the distinction of organizing rural games into tournaments growl sports at killa Raipur which has become a movement and is converted to rural Olympics.

This rural sports have in fact opened the food gates of development can you lift a ladder with your teeth? Pull a car with your hair? survive being   run over by a tractor but in the state of Punjab they are celebrated sports.

Contestants and from 6 to 70 years old come together each year for the nations rural Olympics putting man and boys against each other in both traditional sports and bizarre shows of strength and skills.

Horses, dogs, mules also compete their own races bull lock cart racing used to be an event but use of  bulls for entertainment was banned by the supreme court in 2004 (surprising this is not applicable to bull taming of jalli Katti in the south )

Similarly because of ban of hunting hound races are held by dangling a bait of fake hare, before them and pulled by a wire by a fast driving motor cyclist.

Efforts by other states

Across the length and breadth of india the rural sports generate tremendous interest there is and big money, no fan-fare, no culture ‘togging – up’ only challenges and action in the raw every sorts man dream. The rough and tremble of traditional sports (kushti, kabbadi, wait lifting, races, martial arts) yield many evenings, of fun for villagers down the year the sports have developed a fanatic following and a fearless legion of practitioners contestant who seek no exercise of their lusty skills. The roars of an applicable frenzied crowd provide a fitting climax. encourage  by the killa Raipur rural Olympics many other states manly carven out of Punjab ( Haryana, Himachal, Delhi) have started copying Punjabi rural Olympics mainly to grab the govt. grants which the grewel sports assn at killa Raipur has been organning on its own for the last100  year.

Delhi tourism has gone a big way to revive the childhood forgotten games like pithu, kanche, Gilli- Danda, tug of war etc. in liaison with times of India –‘Bachpan wapas le aao’ another raises worthly effort is to organize intl. flying competitions, at Delhi where one could witness kites in bizarre shares . now another color is being added to these   sports fairs. They have got inter mixed with folk singing when sunsets after the days sports competitions, which carry till late nightly. Traditional games have a rich culture and heritage values and were tools of passing on some knowledge. They also  sharpened our observation  and maths skills unlike hit and run games of the west, that are Uni-dimensional and strength only hand and eye co- ordination.

Traditional games were not just games. They were designed in such a way that we can developed of skills like logical thinking, building strategy, concgiration basic mathematics aiming and lot more  now days we developed these skills b paying money to coaching center the conduct personal development courses.

 Adventure Sports and rural development

Inspire communities the objective of adventure activities are to create and foster amongst the youth a spirit of risk taking co- operative team work, the capacity of ready and vital response to challenging situation and of endurance this also provides a creative and outlet for the abundant energy, enthuses and imagination of youth.

Adventure tourism growth potential can be harnessed as a strategy for rural development in India skills74% of its population skills in its 7 million villagers.

However the world is becoming increasing urban which is caning a growing imbalance in the economic and social development of rural residents move from for rural areas to cities for existing, whereas opportunities are thought to be greater with oboes’ side effects. For a sport activity to contribute to the overall tourism development as a host destination that activity must be integrated with other tourism products and service like – accommodation meals, shopping sports tourists may seek additional activities for accompanying family members who don’t participate in the sport they may seek additional facilities for themselves to enhance their overall experience. Despite strong advocacy of sport tourism as a rural development tool and high hopes for the benefits it is expected to bring every little is known about its effect on rural communities. An example could be Palam pore (MP) /paragliding at Manas / or for the that matter even trances at the four mountaineering institutes in the country as the participate/ trainees only mingle with themselves.

However, trends are shifting towards rural tourism with increasing level of awareness growing interest in culture and heritage, improved accessibility and environment consciousness.

Adventure tourism is becoming quite a rage with the younger generation, who want to venture into and experience the unknown world. With decreasing leisure time, these activities are likely to have more participation which require little time commitment to learn the skills and can be packaged into adventure tourism for easy entry this especially so with average of India is 29 year ,with concepts of drinks (double income no kids).

If combined judiciously adventure sports can become a bread winner for rural youth and a remunerative proposition for rural community. Rural tourism can bring opportunity to bring new money into rural areas.

Recent society changes and chronic struggle of rural communities have negatively affected rural areas often because they perceive that rural communities have a unique charm and provide respite from a faster paced urban style. As  such we should strive to develop tourism opportunities often based around natural resource, outdoor adventure sports and recreation, agriculture and unique culture feature while communities may welcome the economic boost of tourism they may also aim to preserved value rural landscapes and quail of life associated with rural areas. Tourism offers many advantages to rural communities it places less of cost burden on local economics then building entirely new industries (eg., manufacturing) also it is not necessary descendent on investment support from outside the community tourism also  provides a boost to travel oriented business and business whose focus is not directly relative to tourism such as petrol stations merchants grocery shops etc. perhaps most importantly  increased tourism can inject much needed tourist money into struggling communities and can be develop into a sustainable means of economic development bringing a potential year around flow of income to the area.

Travel to rural areas also provides benefits to tourists. They can develop an appreciation and understanding of an area’s natural beauty ecosystem and culture value benefits from outdoor educational experience and acquire skill they help them to live a more sustainable life that come from visiting ecotourism attractions (landscape, local food, culture etc.)

Championing rural sports by Govt. and PPP

In the national sports policy 2001 high priority was accords to the development of sports in rural areas to harness the unknown talents and potential, since 70% of the Indian population stills lives in the rural which ha higher level of physical fitness rural sports programmed was launched by ministry of youth affairs & sports in 1970-71. To encourage sports in far flung areas in the north east no sports festival scheme was launched in 1986-87 subsequently many a awards with lucrative final incentives have been introduced and national adventure award brought to the level of Arjuna award. The new companies bill talks of  10 areas who are the CSR  budget can be spent of these 10  TRG, to  promote rural sports, regularly recognized sports Paralympics sports is the 7th for the corporate CSR investing in rural sports could be unique way of building brand salience at the time benefiting thousands (Maruti and Tata Instead the reset at the years rural Olympics at killa Raipur ) sports is an effective CSR medium because it boosts values that and socially responsible business should strive for. People who play these unique regional sports may do so for the fun of it but for them to continue excel they need incentives that only come if they start seeing the sports as a livelihood. The corporate sector can play a big role in rural sports

Role of the IMF

Indian mountaineering foundation being with the fully Govt. funded as body of land based adventure sports, can be a think to introduce few adventure a sports (inflatable climbing a slippery pole carrying with full mountain gear weight into these rural games a case may be taken with the skill development ministry to include adventure tourism also in their scope of activities to open flood gate to employment to the rural youth. A thought may be given to develop a adventure sports related science city (suggested at pragati maiden) as one at kapurthala  Punjab (Pushpa Gujarat science city ,086-992-27601) as well as a museum of mountain heroes it is opened that interest and participation in a particular sport or sport federation/club is significant defended upon a person affinity to their sporting heroes (Like : Tendulakar in cricket  Bindra in shooting tensing in climbing )

National sporting heroes are not only means of promoting participation they themselves are part of the principal that children want to ‘play like’ and ‘play with’ their heroes 3D tech could be used here.


Sports are they way for other development activities like education, health, commerce, etc. and the core theme of rural youth and hence in the process empower the nation. Sports should not only as seen as a business where stay healthy and keep busy so that people could to away from drugs and sex in a world of video games, play stations and gadgets.

About Author: 

Gp Capt. Puri (Retd) is a Third Generation service officer and actively associated with Adventure Tourism for last more than 3 decades. A professional journalist and having done professional academic course in Journalism and Tourism, was also a visiting faculty at the IITT & M (Gol). Delhi.